About us

In the past 4 decades, networking has been proven time and time again to be the most stable and rewarding marketing activity. However, the world is changing, but the networking world remains the same. We are here to bring the networking world to the 21st century.

Meetengo is on a mission to revolutionize the way networking communities engage by removing geographical boundaries and leveraging our time spent. Our innovative tools enable business owners and entrepreneurs to meet from anywhere in the world, with any other community member in the world, to create lucrative and meaningful business connections.

Many businesses lack the ability to penetrate new markets. Whether it is the learning curve, major investment needed (in capital and time), or just a different mentality. Meetengo is the solution. Your peers in new markets are looking to bring value to you, by assisting in market introduction and penetration. In turn, you will help them in your market, won’t you?

Join the next generation of the business networking world and the global growing community. Join now!