About a year ago, when I was invited to try out the community, I was on the fast track to become a chairwoman in a prestigious networking group. Though I believe in digital marketing, I didn’t quit believed in digital networking. I believed in the energy that you feel when you meet, in the handshake, in looking in someone’s eyes. Being the adventures I am, I joined this community. I quickly understood that I was mistaken. The connections and energy are felt, even from remote. To my surprise, the exposure I got was far beyond the prestigious group I was already a part of. I was even chosen to be a group manager!

I started receiving referrals and clients from all around the country. Being a part of the community allowed me to develop additional digital tools that increase my overall offering and revenue. 

Now, after a year of being a part of this amazing community, I can honestly say that it impacted my business and helped me grow. My business grew and evolved and my opportunities keep on coming. I can now say that there is no need for the physical aspect in networking to close deals. It goes without saying that by moving to Online meetings, you get better utilization of the time and you connect from the comfort of your home or office! I can’t wait for groups to be established in the US so I can offer my services to potential customers and partners. Then, the sky is the limit!