Business Networking

Connecting communities and businesses to create real-life business relationships and to increase your customer-base and revenue.

How do we do it?

We manage a growing online networking community of business-owners and entrepreneurs who meet regularly, get to know each other, and actively look to bring value in the form of referrals and connections.

Each group meets weekly for precisely one hour for a networking meeting. The group has three types of participants: Manager (one), Members (20-25) and Guests (5-10). The Manager is responsible to manage the meetings, guide the meeting structure and provide updates regarding the group activity. The manager is the focal point of the group. Want to build and manage your own group or community, let’s talk!

Members have the responsibility of attending weekly meetings and help their peers with their challenges (e.g. new customers, market penetration, joint partnership etc.). Each member has an online profile of the business and the products or services they are offering. This profile is the face of the business that will be used to create connections and referrals. In addition to being a part of a fixed group, members can visit other groups and meetings as guests to get more exposure and better reach.

Guests can either be new people coming to get to know the community to see the value it has to offer, or members in other groups coming to get to know more people.

To experience the meetings, and to get to know the community, get your free 15-days trial period right now! Sign up here!