What is Networking?

Networking is proven to be the most stable and effective marketing channel. If you want to reach new customers, get referrals and assist in building the community, networking is the best way to do it.

How to network effectively?

Networking seems easy, doesn’t it? You meet people, you talk and you start having customers knock on your door to purchase your product or service.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that. There is a major difference between networking and effective networking. If you meet people, have a short chat and think that you are done, chances are you will not get the value you seek. Handing out business cards in a networking event is not networking. It will only get you frustrated because you expect results, but you will not get them.

Effective networking however is the way to get results. Effective networking is based on the following trinity:

1-on-1 Meetings

The best way to get more referrals and generate relevant leads, is to have your friends know you. 1-on-1 meetings have Business objectives and Personal Objectives. On a Business level, you need to have the member know all about you and your business. What you are doing, what you are not doing, what kind of customers you seek, what kind you don’t etc. On a Personal level, creating a personal relationship will assist both sides in bringing value to each other. During the meeting, you need to introduce yourself, your business and the type of customers you are searching for. After the meeting, both sides will have a better understanding and knowledge about each other, so that they can start looking for relevant referrals and connection.


This is the main aspect in Networking, and precisely the reason we are all here. In addition to meeting business owners and entrepreneurs like ourselves, facing similar challenges and tackling “Loneliness of Entrepreneurships”, we are all here to bring value to our business in the form of more customers and increased revenue. Referrals is the way to do it.
Once you know your group members better (and they know you), you will be in a better position to refer relevant potential customers to them, and in turn, them to you. Always start with referring to your friends. When your friends get relevant referrals from you, they will feel gratitude and will “pay you back” by referring to you.

New Members

A bigger community provides a bigger potential. Think about the community members as your ambassadors. As you have more ambassadors, your odds of reaching new customers, penetrating new markets and increasing your revenue are bigger.
As in any community, organic growth is the best and consistent way to grow. You are the ambassadors of the community, so let’s work together to expand the community.
We value your efforts to strengthen our community and want to show our gratitude. Every new member you bring, will award a token of appreciation and will provide subscription discount.
In your profile page, you can find a personal link to share with new potential community members. You can share this link and use it to invite them to attend several meetings as guests to get to know the community, experience the meetings and see the value it provides. Once a guest decides to join the community, we will let you know and provide the relevant discount.